About the NeuroTwine Project

The NeuroTwine Project was originally established in 2009 by Jan Dyba as an informal structure committed to the scientific verification of various statements and techniques developed in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and other branches alike. 

Currently NeuroTwine is working in the framework of separate teams focused on different projects. The general idea of which is to create better understandings of the psychological process of a change, as well as to provide people with better designed and evaluated techniques and technologies for creating long-lasting and as much as possible rapid change. 

The main assumption underlying all NeuroTwine Projects is scientific background. To provide this all research and analysis are being done with help of most advanced scientific procedures possible. In our projects we mainly use wide variety of both qualitative and quantitative methods. Apart from this, all our projects are confronted if possible with latest neuro-biological and advanced psychological studies (including neuro-cognitive studies and social psychology).

All of the research are conducted by highly qualified specialists in the field of particular interests.




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