Test and evaluation

General idea


The Philosophy of the NeuroTwine Project if to provide people with the scientifically based and verified ideas and techniques to change human behavior. In order to do so, every solution we create in the process of research is then tested and evaluated both by us and by independent clinicians or people working in the environment to which the technique or technology applies. 

The model of evaluation we apply is the first one ever used in the therapy or any other behavioral intervention system. Till today the only verified approach to human behavior was Behaviorism, and the verification was done manly through the research on animals. NeuroTwine Project designed the first research system in which the therapy is fully based on research and scientific data and is fully verified on people in the natural settings.  


How does it look like?


1. The models, including all techniques and technology are presented to the therapists through series of trainings and seminars 

2. The understanding of the procedures and models is tested to avoid misconceptions and misunderstandings which could lead to artificial results

3. The clinicians are then using the methods in their own workplace, making case studies reports and constantly raporting on various aspects of the tested technology. 

4. The case studies are being analysed and the models are being evaluated

5. the thinks that works are kept in the model and other are redesigned and then retested. 

6. in the end the whole structure is tested and the model consists only of verified data.


Why is this all so long and complicated?


The process is designed in a way to verify the collected data and to provide people only with working strategies. 






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