Hypnosis - The Structural FrameWork

Hypnosis - The Structural FrameWork is a project mainly focused on the application of the Structural Models created in the Structure of the Therapeutic Genius Project to describe the remarkable work and approach of Milton H. Erickson. The main idea behind this project is to find the common patterns behind Ericksons formally different interventions. The outcome of the study will be a deeper understanding of the way in which Erickson was developing his unique approach. 

This project will try to give answers to the questions about the nature of the Trance State and and the role of Hypnosis in inducing the trance and further work with it, based on analysis of actual account of research in neuroscience and physiology of the trance state and hypnosis. 

A part of the project focuses also on the general trance nature and applications (apart from hypnosis also meditation and chemically induced altered states)

The methods applied to the project are mostly the quantitative methods performed on the transcripts of the sessions published in various Erickson works. In this study the whole interventions will be analysed in search for the general patterns as well as the language syntax will be analysed to find the best model of the hypnotic suggestions. 


More details about the project will be available soon.



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