The Structure of Therapeutic Genius

The Structure of Therapeutic Genius is a project focused on bringing up the true structure of the therapeutic sessions of selected therapists around the world. The Idea is based on the observation of the inconsistency between the results that are usually obtained by therapists from various schools and those achieved by the founders of these schools. This observation brought us to the conclusion, that there is a set of unconsciously acquired knowledge, in the form of procedures, which is not properly verbalized nor taught. The reason for it lays probably in the nature of the learning process in which most of the skill acquisition takes place by exercising and by ongoing practice. In this way much of the process takes place without subject awareness. Secondly the final stage of the skill acquisition is the unconscious competence, which also makes it hard for subject to verbalize the exact approach the subject is using. 

The purpose of this research project is to find and identify these patterns in their behavior that facilitates the process of change and make them available for other specialists to learn. 

The methods that we apply in this project are mostly qualitative. The whole analysis is performed in the grounded theory paradigm. The effectiveness of the created solutions is constantly tested in the clinical settings and in various different contexts.

The outcomes of the study will be gathered together in a form of a publication and presented to the public.




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