What is Structural-Constructive Aproach?


General idea

The Idea of the Structural-Constructive Approach to human behavior came out of the research on the structure of therapeutic genius (project). The research was mostly performed using the quantitative research methodology and the paradigm of the Grounded Theory. Because of these two thinks the research results came out in form of the patterns accumulated in larger models of doing the therapy, that are predicted to effectively change human behavior in a relatively short period of time. The somehow unexpected result was however, that the therapists analyzed in the project were all also creating interventions designed on the level of the structure of the behavior rather then the content of it. In consequence the model of the approach to treatment is also focused on structure of behaviors. 


So how does the typical therapeutic session looks like? What usually does the therapist?


The therapist does what it takes to change the behavior. In general however the therapist should identify the structure of the behavior and some additional features of it, and then along with the client he should design the multilevel intervention which will change the behavior. 


Could You be more specific?


Yes we can. The description of the whole process of intervention in the structural approach, as well as the technology of designing the intervention, specific techniques and the theory standing behind it is described in the publication form about The Structure of Therapeutic Genius Project, and will be available soon in the form of a book.


What is the Theory standing behind the Structural Approach?


In the beginning we put a lot of effort into having an atheoretical studies. The theory was created after the patterns we obtained were integrated into one coherent model, which we can name a therapeutic modality. The theory that is describing some of the results in the model was created from the research results and discussions, and then supported with knowledge from following fields: Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience and some ideas taken from the original work of Milton H. Erickson. 


Is it possible to attend some seminars or workshops dedicated to the Structural-Constructive Approach? 


At the moment the models are still in the testing mode, which means they are still tested by the therapists involved in the program. You can read more about the tests and evaluation in the specific section on the site dedicated to it. After the tests will give the end results we will be able to finish the publication and to promote the integrated idea. The informations on the workshops and seminars will be available also in the dedicated section on the webpage.


How can I learn more about it all now?


You are always welcome to contact us through all methods available in the contact section. We will be happy to talk, exchange ideas and give You more information.


Can I somehow participate in a project? Can I help? Can I advertise somehow Your Ideas and the work You do?


Well, to find this out You would also have to contact us and simply ask a question :) which is what we strongly encourage You to do :)



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